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Kayak Surfing Lessons

Imagine playing in the waves in a kayak. Paddle a couple of strokes and feel the sudden rush as the kayak picks up speed and you continue to accelerate. You are riding a wave, all smiles, like a surfer, but without all the practice and difficulties of traditional board surfing. You are kayak surfing. Most beginners catch a wave the first time they try.

Kayak Surfing on Hollywood Beach, FL

Kayak surfing is an exciting thrill ride that most beginner kayakers can do with some simple instruction. With a few paddling techniques and surfing tips you can also join the lucky few who enjoy the "sport of Kings".

Specialized sit-on-top surf kayaks

Surf kayaking is done on specialized kayaks designed for riding the waves. These kayaks are sit-on-top surf kayaks, so there's no worries about getting stuck inside. And, South Florida is the perfect place to learn. The beaches of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the other beaches in southern Florida usually have small manageable waves, warm water and a soft sandy bottom - perfect for the beginning surfer and surf kayaker.

Learn to surf kayak. It's easy and fun!

Kayak Dave can take YOU kayak surfing! Kayak Dave offers instruction in surf kayaking for beginner surf kayakers.

Contact us for kayak surf lessons at a south Florida beach near you in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and the Keys.