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South Florida Atlantic Beach Kayak Tour

This exciting guided kayak tour leaves from one of South Florida's beautiful beaches. After brief instruction and safety talk, you launch your kayak into the calm Atlantic water, paddling comfortably and confidently into the blue. Once offshore, you will marvel at the clarity of the water, the colors of the sky and sea, and the unique view of the tropical shoreline on this exhilarating kayak trip. Keeping a watchful eye for wildlife like dolphin and sea turtles, you paddle parallel to the beach and ultimately land back where you started, free to enjoy the beach after this guided kayak sightseeing adventure.

This can also be done as a guided Sunset Kayak Tour. See the amazing South Florida sunset from the comfortable seat of your kayak while floating just offshore. Weather permitting. Contact me for details and availability.

Beach Kayak Tour Highlights:

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