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Multisport Excursions

Florida Keys Multisport Excursion Tours

bike + kayak | snorkel + kayak

This all inclusive multisport excursion tour was designed for the active traveler. Using Marathon, the "heart of the Florida Keys" as our base, we pair a guided half day kayak tour with your choice of a snorkel trip or bicycle trip.


Enjoy an exciting guided Mangrove ecotour or half-day guided open water kayaking to begin your day long adventures.

A yummy picnic in the shade gives you time to catch your breath and refuel for you next activity.

Biking or Snorkeling

Choosing between a guided bicycle tour of the middle Keys or the very popular snorkeling trip to Sombrero reef, a national marine sanctuary is not easy. (Note: Scuba Diving Magazine's 2006 Readers Choice Awards rated Marathon #1 for Top Marine life in North America and was rated #2 for Top Snorkeling in North America, #1 in the Keys). This, the third largest living coral reef in the world supports over 1200 species of marine life. The tops of the coral heads are relatively shallow which means the reef is perfect for families and friends to snorkel. The colors on the reef and the variety and amount of fish swimming around you will leave you astounded.

Meeting for a post adventure meal at a local restaurant allows us time to unwind and share stories from your day of active adventures. This guided trip is sure to leave you with lifelong memories.


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